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find_old_vms is a tool to find and list old VM’s (vmdk’s, vhd’s) on your hard drives that are older than a given number of days.

Usage: find_old_vms in_this_directory_tree older_than_days

Example: find_old_vms “c:\\” 90

Download for Windows XP, 2003, and Linux. The script uses atime (latest file access time), which is not supported on Windows Vista and Windows 7.


vmsi (BETA Release)

`vmsi’ is a tool to determine if a virtual image can be effectively shrunk. It understands both vmdk and vhd formats. (Please read Beta Release Notes below.)


vmsi <options>

      <-i VMDK/VHD>    required: virtual disk image to analyse
      [-a]                                optional: show additional information
      [-v]                                optional: debug, verbose
      [-h]                               optional: print this help information

Windows Beta Download supported for NTFS on Windows XP,  2003 and Vista.

Linux Beta Download supported for Ubuntu 8 and other Linuxes having a matching userland.

Support? Questions?  Feedback? Please email support at sharevm dot com

Beta Release Notes


  • Understands sparse and non-sparse vmdks
  • Does not understand compressed vmdks for streaming
  • Does not understand ESX vmdks
  • Does not understand cloned & snapshotted vms


  • Does not understand cloned & snapshotted vms

Disk Partitions

  • Understands MBR based primary partitions only. It currently does not understand extended partitions
  • Currently No support for GPT

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January 12, 2009 at 12:30 am

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  1. […] you can download and run vmsi to determine whether it is worth shrinking that VM on your disk. We are releasing vmsi for both the […]

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