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Data Center Tools Inc is a privately held Enterprise software company that has over a couple of hundred customers, primarily in North America, Europe and the Far East. a development center in Sunnyvale, CA, USA and Noida, India. Its Dynamo product line is differentiated by its ease of integraiton with Enterprise monitoring, CMDB – incident management and toruble ticketing and log correlation tools.

Data Center Tools has re-purposed a limited-function version of Dynamo (Dynamo Live) as a Managed Services offering co-branded with Channel partners for the SMB market. It also sells the complete Dynamo suite directly to large customers through its own Sales force.

Development Teams

The systems software components are developed in Sunnyvale, while the graphical user interface (GUI) is built in Noida. The QA is conducted by a separate organization based in Pune, India. During a release cycle, stable interim releases of the systems software developed in Sunnyvale are delivered in a VM to the GUI developers in Noida. The GUI integrates with the systems software using SOAP API’s, so the two teams can make progress independently of each other.

Whenever QA discovers an issue, they provide a VM snapshot for the two components to the developers so that the environment is characterized for reproducing the problem

The issues and challenges faced by distributed development teams who share VM’s are described here

Release Management

Dynamo Live is hosted with Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (ec2). Whenver a new release of the Dynamo Live software is ready, the Release Manager, Mike, packages it in a VM and uploads it to ec2.

The issues and challenges faced by a Release Engineer who uploads a VM containing the latest release of software to the cloud are described here

Enterprise Systems Integration Demos

The Technical Sales Engineers have set up HP Service Desk, HP OpenView, BMC Remedy, CA Unicenter

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November 25, 2008 at 6:46 am

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