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Share VM ( enables sharing of large virtual machine (VM) images across slow bandwidth connections. It can transfer VM Files in minutes rather than hours and is meant for

  • individual software developers, or
  • distributed software development teams split up across geographies, e.g., US West Coast and US East Coast, across US/Europe and India/China, or
  • release engineers transferring virtual machines for production deployment of their application at their “cloud” service provider, or
  • sales engineers transferring virtual machines to demo systems at their “cloud” service provider so that they can be accessed securly over the Internet from a customer site, or
  • customers uploading virtual machines to vendor support forums for reproducing failures

Share VM is the brainchild of software developers who have worked in distributed engineering teams and have personally experienced the pain of ensuring successful 10GB+ VM image uploads by customers over the Internet and internal transfers for testing and demo purposes across different geographic locations.

Incidentally, they have also dealt with VM sprawl and suffered disk space outages, not only on their personal workstations but also on shared file servers, while developing and testing new code and debugging issues found in the field on older releases of their products. Share VM’s technology also enables sharing of common code and data across VM’s thereby reducing the disk consumption substantially.

Written by gudgud

November 19, 2008 at 10:26 pm

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