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Virtualbox branching / branched snapshots

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An illustrated, step-by-step procedure for branching snapshots using Virtualbox 3.1.0 is available here.

Roman Kennke’s post on branching snapshots describes the feature and provides a how-to guide: 

A typical use case would be to install an OS into a virtual disk, make that virtual disk read-only and use it as base image for several branches.

  1. For example, in one branch I would do testing/debugging of stuff that I develop. There might be several branches I use for testing.
  2. Then I might need a branch in which I install a build environment for OpenJDK, which could in turn be used for several more sub-branches for OpenJDK6 builds and OpenJDK7 builds.
  3. In another branch off the base image I would run tax software. Etc

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December 10, 2009 at 8:27 pm

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