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Vizioncore vOptimizer Pro to shrink or enlarge VM’s

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You can download vOptimizer WasteFinder – 2.2 free from Vizioncore to analyze your VMware vCenter Server / ESX hosts and report how much free disk space can be recovered from over-allocated virtual storage. It also locates all VM’s that are not properly aligned on Windows 64K partition boundaries and as a result experience decreased I/O throughput and higher latency.

In case you wish to reclaim the free disk space and align VM’s on Windows 64K partition boundaries, you will have to purchase vOptimizer Pro (free 14 day trial).

vOptimizer Pro can not only shrink VM’s to reclaim the over-allocated virtual storage, perhaps more importantly, it can also enlarge VM’s that are running out of storage, effectively preventing painful and costly VM outages.

I just wonder, wouldn’t it be better to simply offer a 14 day free trial that lets users test drive vOptimizer that induces them to buy it?

Written by paule1s

November 17, 2009 at 11:16 pm

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