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VMWorld 2009: Impending Cisco, VMWare, EMC partnerships?

leave a comment » is reporting that a glimpse of the Cisco, VMWare, EMC strategy has emerged in a post on the personal blog of Chad Sakac, Sr. Director VMWare Strategic Alliance at EMC.

Upon reading Chad’s blog, my impression is that a partnership ecosystem seems to be emerging between Cisco, VMWare and EMC for supporting private clouds within an Enterprise and public clouds, a la EC2, through

  • A deep integration with the VMWare Hypervisor or “VMWare’s cloud operating system” using standard API’s
  • A broad integration to provide a cross-vendor management fabric that spans across management tools of the respective vendors and enables management of VM’s/Virtual Appliances, the underlying host servers, storage and the network.
  • VM/Virtual appliance portability across the private and public clouds

This management layer will permit control over individual VM’s and groups of VM’s within this cloud and permit applications (virtual appliances) to be deployed using Just Enough OS’s (JeOS)

EMC’s internal goals (and perhaps VMWare and Cisco’s, too) seem to be

1) To Drive 100% virtualization

Requires A Virtualization Layer that can literally meet the scaling, performance and availability goals of any x86 workload.

EVERY EMC product is being turned into a Virtual Appliance.

Physical adaptability (i.e. increase/decrease CPU/Memory model) needs to extend into the Networking and Storage stacks. People will REALLY start to see “purpose built servers/network/storage” for VMware in 2009

2)  To drive API Integration

Streamline the integration of existing management tools and capabiities with VMWare’s management tools and capabilties.  

These are about making sure that virtual world is able to do everything the phyiscal world can do.   They make sure that the datacenter CAN be 100% virtualized

3)  To create infrastructure that understands and responds to “VM/Application objects”

the next phase is where things really get blended – where thin provisioning is integrated, where management tasks are integrated, where “VM object awareness” is added, and where networking policy portability really takes off.

vCenter is surely a critical new management point – so expect to see core management capability for EMC storage integrated into vCenter in the very near term. … We’ll leverage existing open APIs to create plug-in extension models. BUT at the same time – we will continue to integrate into the vCenter APIs for integrated views in management frameworks that are “home” to people other than VMware Administrators.


Done right – the Private Cloud and Public Cloud can share the applications transparently, and the “Public Cloud” infrastructure layers can “read the same bar-codes”  Clearly the infrastructure needs to be a bit different (management model, federation, multi-tenancy, scale and price points are all different), but they need to be linked.

This ain’t about consolidating servers (though includes that too!).   It **IS** about the next big transformation we all see coming in the IT space we deal in.   We’re gearing up, and as leaders in our respective spaces, focusing our resources, and driving towards a vision. 

If Cisco, VMWare and EMC indeed work together on this, they will be able to dominate this market for years to come. Very cool, Chad! Thanks for sharing your views.

Written by paule1s

February 3, 2009 at 11:59 pm

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