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Top 10 Posts and Searches for Q4 2008

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Top Ten Posts for Q4 2008

  1. Defragment Ubuntu, Fedora, ext3, ext4
  2. How to convert a VMWare VMDK to a Microsoft, Xen VHD
  3. VirtualBox – setup, share, shrink, convert
  4. How does shrink with vmware disk manager work?
  5. Virtual Machine Disk Image Compression
  6. Compressing Virtual Images
  7. rsync vm, vhd for backup, disaster recovery, ec2
  8. How to launch first AMI on Amazon EC2?
  9. Steve Herrod’s Top 10 Predictions for Virtulaization for 2009
  10. scp, VSS for Windows VHD backup, disaster recovery

Top Ten Search Terms for Q4 2008

  • ubuntu ext4
  • vhd on usb
  • convert vmdk to vhd
  • ext4 defrag
  • amazon ec2 “virtual server” vhd
  • ext3 defragmentation
  • rsync vhd
  • convert vdi to vhd
  • shrink vmdk esxi
  • compress vmdk
  • compress virtual image

Written by paule1s

January 8, 2009 at 10:08 am

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